Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to sanity and to a new American Experience.  Learn to grow comfortable with your voice as you take it back through the simple process of activism!  We help you get it done!  

Background:  Fluoridation is probably the most corrupt and distorted part of American History we know of and thusly deserves your attention, persistence and commitment to ending this barbaric assault on our families and especially for children and infants.  Please help the fight against this very real threat.  Carefully read the articles in this blog for a full and complete education on fluoride.

The videos presented are buy the most credible scientists in the field.  San Diego is host to one of the most passionate and dedicated anti fluoride PhD's Dr. David Kennedy who just released a new documentary Fluoridegate.  I will keep you updated on when it will be available on the web.    Thank you for asserting your voice by calling, writing or emailing your council member.  It makes a BIG difference.  And when lots of people show their concern... everyone wins.

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