Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farran Connett Debate on Phoenix - comment

Dr. Farran completely ignores one immutable fact: Hydrofluorosilicic acid is a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and is not refined before it is added to our water. It is heavily contaminated with toxins and heavy metals (including the cancerous arsenic, lead and cadmium) and radioactive materials. This substance is the waste residue from the superphosphate fertilizer industry, and about 70 to 75 percent of this stuff comes from the Cargill fertilizer manufacturing company or is imported from Mexico or China or it is purchased from Brentag Chemical...all of whom have federal protection from damages caused by their chemicals. I was at the debate. While Dr. Farran was clearly indoctrinated into the ADA / Delta Dental / CDC / FDA sponsored fluoridation culture of pro fluoride politics he ignores the citizen / customer's / consumers right to refuse forced medication. The right to choose is completely ignored in his arguments. He ignores any new science from anyone but official government organizations who all back fluoridation one hundred percent. He also ignores alternative means of using fluoride if citizens wish to do so. This was very suspicious indeed. Unbiased independent science states there are more problems with unrefined, non-pharmaceutical grade industrial waste product hydrofluorosilicic acid (the actual product added to our water) than with pharmaceutical sodium fluoride because hydrofluorosilicic acid contains many a broad spectrum of toxic chemicals that are not removed from the compound. It contains these chemicals because it is cheaper to buy, and more profitable to the sellers, in this crude form.  Dr. Farran ignores this fact completely in the debate which makes the rest of his argument COMPLETELY void and irrelevant. He appeared to be a nice, and a sincere man, but sadly he is sincerely wrong.

You can not compare apples with oranges. Until Dr. Farran acknowledges the product that is added to our water is not sodium fluoride but rather a toxic slurry of unrefined chemicals that also contains some fluoride his argument is irrelevant. His argument was evasive, digressive, immaterial to the actual reality of the compound put directly in our water. When he said "fluoride isn't going anywhere" he revealed a suspicious arrogance. His argument, while calculated and compelling for the fully indoctrinated lacked any credibility for those who know anything about the actual content of hydrofluorosilicic acid. In the final analysis his logic was consistent but utterly inapplicable to the discussion and far beneath the dignity of Dr. Connett or any serious discussion of fluoridation for that matter. When asked if they want chemicals like this in their water people ALWAYS SAY NO. The good doctor Farran also ignored healthful alternatives to fluoride's ill effects. Much of Europe protects their teeth with gum and tooth paste containing Xylitol. It is truly safe and effective along with many other oral methods for keeping your families teeth white and disease free. What Dr. Farran omits from the discussion is indeed more relevant TO the discussion that his droning on about a the old boy network status quo, politically driven doctrine of death cloaked in images of helping the poor, loving his family and being a "good citizen." Dr. Farran in my opinion is nothing more than another blow-hard talking head for a billion dollar industry. Nice as he might be, he is a sadly mis-inforemed guy with blinders the size of notebooks hanging from his face.

I have no doubt that Dr Farran cares about his family, loves children and humanity but his agenda was steeped in politics and towing the line for the age old fluoride deception, a culture of death and disease whether he knows it or not. Anybody who would defend dental amalgam (which he did briefly in the debate) sets himself apart from a more informed and educated public. He has much to loose if he flip flops and tells the truth about fluoride and mercury fillings. He is part of a large group of people who are culpable for systemic liability if they capitulate to the truth. They stand to lose credibility and their own dignity for having supported this lie for so long... IF AND WHEN they ever decide that health is more important than ego. Hence, Dr Farran must MUST MUST perpetuate the great lie and support fluoridation AT ALL COST! The hydrofluorosilicic acid industrial waste disposal solution is dilution into our water supply. It has nothing to do with health, cavity prevention in the poor or bone health. Quite the contrary. It is harming our citizens and adding to the burden of toxins every citizen is exposed to in this modern heavily polluted world. The best Dr. Farran can hope for is society reacting to this affront with a trust for government and a healthy mass illusion of denial. Those who simply can not psychologically handle the truth about this issue are what they want. He, as all fluoride proponents do, hope society would rather believe the great lie rather than face the truth and deal with it. America will never heal until we begin to face the great lies like this and hold accountable those who have perpetrated them. This is why the fluoride debate is so very important. I thank Dr. Farran and Dr. Connett for taking the time to address the issue and to raise consciousness concerning fluoride.

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